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The Sweetest of the Sweetie!

Fri Mar 28, 2014, 7:16 PM
The members of PonySculptors volunteer their time and skills for raffles on occasion, and not long ago I was very lucky and delighted to win a sculpture commission from the wonderful :iconreviro::

      Raffle Prize: Hush Now, Quiet Now by reviro
        Hush Now, Quiet Now
          by reviro

My request was simply for a Sweetie Belle to smile up at me, and the artist came up with the cheery design and lovely "cradle" (Crescent moon? Spicy cheese? Both! :D). Now I can hardly wait to see the pretty little pony and her elation-inducing face in person, but just seeing the finished piece put a smile on my heart.

Thank you again, reviro! :hug:

Should Trixie become part of the "Mane Seven"? (Please see first comment.) 

13 deviants said No new members. Twilight may be an alicorn in form and function but always a unicorn at heart.
10 deviants said Yes. The Great and Powerful Trixie can be the Warm and Friendly Trixie!
4 deviants said Quotas are bad! Let another kind of pony or non-pony be their new friend.
3 deviants said Zecora should become one of the gang full-time.
No deviants said An existing secondary or background unicorn will become a member. (Lemme know who!)
No deviants said A brand-new unicorn should join the group and be the new facet. (Discuss.)


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muro madness


"Color-blindness" is no excuse for not trying to cheer deviants up with a quick gift now and again. Neither is lack of skill. :D

:bulletblue: Nicker Dam Cathedral for Simbaro

:bulletblue: example quick pony for Tridgeon

:bulletblue: Absolutely not the least attempt to influence what to draw next for Christinies

:bulletblue: I can no haz kittehburger! for VIIStar

:bulletblue: The Scream of Sympathy for VIIStar

:bulletblue: my crippling sadness over TheLastGherkin's new direction

:bulletblue: Something probably too personal (yet ironically too vague as well) for ArtWithoutPrediction

:bulletblue: A sexy Christmas tree for Poland73

:bulletblue: A well-wishing friend for BlackGryph0n

:bulletblue: A good luck starter pony for ArcLightKey

:bulletblue: Something A-Dora-Bunny for Catula

:bulletblue: A special trophy for hotrod2001 and his wife

:bulletblue: Seconding a motion by RexCahar (Mild nudity)

:bulletblue: A little inspiration for DDhew

:bulletblue: An animation disc on fire to help encourage bigponymac

:bulletblue: A pic-related about my ancient Macintosh Powerbook 180 for bigponymac

:bulletblue: Advice on making Rainbow Dash pay attention for bigponymac

:bulletblue: A kind of teaser, kind of for-the-heck-of-it, drawing for bigponymac

:bulletblue: The "hot-site death" of dA :( , lamentation for Christinies

:bulletblue: A plea to my archenemy, FairySlayerSlayer!

:bulletblue: Pony(?) presenting a birthday cake to Christinies (What's with all the birthday stuff? Oh yeah, I like birthdays!)

:bulletblue: A taste of image board horror for Czarine-the-Restless

:bulletblue: Transformers 4 promo for TheLastGherkin

:bulletblue: Bad engineering joke for CORN-MONKEY

:bulletblue: Tips on living with an expectant mother for TheLastGherkin (Geez, I think I've drawn for him the most.)

:bulletblue: Technical support idea for TheForbiddenSecrets

:bulletblue: Some vacation discipline for TheLastGherkin

:bulletblue: Birthday party leftovers for TheLastGherkin

:bulletblue: some razzing for Czarine-the-Restless

:bulletblue: a muse for wafflejones

:bulletblue: a "pic related" thing for IceSprinkles

:bulletblue: a welcome to the group gift for Mn27; and my best to date... I think

:bulletblue: some extreme sappiness for #PoniesPlus (restricted)

:bulletblue: birthday wishes for R-i-Perils

:bulletblue: nightmare fuel for johnjoseco

:bulletblue: some #PoniesPlus administrative stuff (restricted)

:bulletblue: a bit of sunshine for CSImadmax; not too shabby

:bulletblue: a cheer-up gift for Don-ko

:bulletblue: sympathizing with Czarine-the-Restless

:bulletblue: teasing TwilightFlopple

:bulletblue: birthday wishes for c0nker

:bulletblue: telling the truth to Czarine-the-Restless

:bulletblue: a get-well wish for Lunarlight-Prism

:bulletblue: a small congratulatory gift for IceSprinkles

:bulletblue: a dA welcome message for BookishDelight

:bulletblue: a silly doodle for ToonerToons


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Thanks for the Add! :D
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:thanks: for adding Lily Duncan & Charley Bones posing to your collection of sweet fan-art
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My pleasure. :) It's great to see some love for Mona the Vampire even after all this time.
VickyCupcake Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for watching! That duck really intigues me... Don't know why.
Fairy-Slayer Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
She was the best out of hundreds of shots, so it sounds like I picked the right one to use. :)
uBrosis Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Thanks for the fav! :D
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