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The Second Hardest Thing I Have to Do

Tue Feb 14, 2017, 5:10 PM
Before any of my pals get concerned, or worse, disappointed because I've stopped commenting on their work, it's not because I've lost interest or got bored or got all DRAAA-MAAA all of a sudden. In about a week I should be back at it, and with any luck you won't even notice my absence.

The hard part, though, is that while last week's "situation" put me way behind, the universe has since decided that I must never be allowed to catch up. So, when I get back online I'll be starting from scratch: That is, everything in my queues will be cleared/dismissed/marked-read/etc. I have to accept my limitations and hope that no one else will feel as bad about this as I do.

To me, that's the important part though a few of you may disagree.

First off, There is no reason to worry at all. Period.

This morning I saw one of my doctors about some recent tests, she made some funny faces while reading stuff, took me to another specialist's office, yada yada yada…

And they found something: It is not cancer, and it's in such an early stage that it poses absolutely no immediate risk. Seriously, the only danger I'll be in is during the car rides to and from the hospital. I'll be in for two or three days if I'm lucky; four or five days if they need to open the hood. Beyond that, I'd rather not go into detail. (Honestly, I just don't want to think about it too much.)

So, for the next thirty-six hours I'm mostly going to chill: I'll post what few comments I've already written, catch up on my huge backlog of TV shows (including the latest Star vs. and an entire Stevenbomb), poke around on Tumblr so I can leave notes (you know, my lame attempts at being cute); and if I can focus enough, I'll work on what I think is a pretty kick-ass and intense commission idea.

Plus, on the bright side, maybe this means that The Bad Luck Monster From HELL has finally decided to leave JumpAroundJumpJump alone and pick on someone else for a change. :)

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely Valentine's Day. Personally, I'm just feeling damned grateful. Take care.

If aliens from another planet were to reveal themselves to us, what would be the most dickish day to do it? 

5 deviants said December 25, 2015 (Christmas)
5 deviants said October 31, 2016 (Totally mess with Halloween on so many levels)
5 deviants said Black Friday (Since it's impossible to make it more chaotic or scary)
4 deviants said July 4, 2016 (because of the movie...)
4 deviants said November 8, 2016 (Mess with U.S. Presidential Elections)
3 deviants said December 18, 2015 (clobber the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
1 deviant said January 1, 2016 (Everyone's hungover)
No deviants said February 7, 2016 (pre-empt the Super Bowl)
No deviants said August 5, 2016 (pre-empt the Olympics opening ceremony)
No deviants said October 10, 2016 ( we can finally replace Columbus Day)


I'm an art supporter, not expert
United States
Being here isn't about me: it's about you!

muro madness


"Color-blindness" is no excuse for not trying to cheer deviants up with a quick gift now and again. Neither is lack of skill. :D

:bulletblue: Nicker Dam Cathedral for Simbaro

:bulletblue: example quick pony for Tridgeon

:bulletblue: Absolutely not the least attempt to influence what to draw next for Christinies

:bulletblue: I can no haz kittehburger! for VIIStar

:bulletblue: The Scream of Sympathy for VIIStar

:bulletblue: my crippling sadness over TheLastGherkin's new direction

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:bulletblue: A sexy Christmas tree for Poland73

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:bulletblue: A good luck starter pony for ArcLightKey

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:bulletblue: A special trophy for hotrod2001 and his wife

:bulletblue: Seconding a motion by RexCahar (Mild nudity)

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:bulletblue: An animation disc on fire to help encourage bigponymac

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:bulletblue: a dA welcome message for BookishDelight

:bulletblue: a silly doodle for ToonerToons


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